NRB23 participants organize their travel to Umeå (Sweden). On Sunday (August 20), there will be a bus going from Umeå train station to Vindeln. This bus will leave Umeå at around 5:00 pm but the exact time depends on where and when participants arrive in Umeå

You can also travel directly to Vindeln (, see more information here:

For all traveling between sites during the conference, we have booked a bus. On Friday (August 25), this bus will go back to the Umeå Central Station and the airport with a planned arrival time in Umeå of ~5 pm. 

International participants: If you first arrive at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, you can take either a train (~6 hours from Arlanda Central Station to Umeå Central Station) or a plane to Umeå (1h). Trains can be booked on the website of Swedish Railways (SJ):


Since the NRB23 takes place at rather remote places, accommodation is prebooked for the duration of the conference (August 20-25): participants will stay from Sunday to Tuesday in Hotel Forsen (link) or Vindelforsarnas Campingand (link) in Vindeln. From Tuesday to Friday, we will stay in Ammarnäsgarden Fjällhotel in Ammarnäs (
Participants pay hotel costs including meals on-site. Overall costs for accommodation and meals are depending on whether you share a room or not. Estimated costs for people with a single room (including breakfasts and lunches) are about 8000 SEK, while estimated costs for people sharing a room are approximately 5000 SEK (including breakfasts and lunches). Final costs may differ from estimated costs.