Northern Research Basins Workshops & Symposium

NRB 23

August 2022

Welcome to the 23rd Northern Research Basins Symposium, ‘Northern Hydrology in Transition’. 

The meeting will be held during on week in August, 2022 in northern Sweden. The meeting for 2021 was cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation. More details will be shared in the coming months.

Northern Hydrology in Transition

IMG_9759 (1)
View from Björkliden in March

Objectives of the Northern Research Basins Working Group:

The overall objective of the NRB Working Group is to encourage research in hydrological basins in cold regions where snow, ice and frozen ground have a dominant role in the
hydrological cycle. The 
Over the years, the objectives of the NRB Working Group have evolved to include the following:

  • Gain a better understanding of hydrological processes, particularly those in which snow, ice, and frozen ground have a major influence on the hydrological regime, and to determine the relative importance of each component of the water balance.
  • Provide data for the development and testing of transposable models which may be applied to regional, national, and international water and land resource programmes.
  • Relate hydrological processes to the chemical and biological evolution of northern basins.
  • Assess and predict the effect of human activities on the hydrological regime in northern environments.
  • Encourage the exchange of personnel (technicians, scientists, research officers, students, and others) among participating countries.
  • Provide information for the improvement and standardisation of measurement techniques and network design in northern regions.
  • Encourage exchange of information on a regular basis, and
  • Set up task forces to promote research initiatives on topics of special interest to northern research basins.


Local Organising Committee

This meeting is arranged and hosted by SMHI, SLU and SU in Sweden.